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Dev-C++ Portable (Portable) Free Download Full Version For Windows Xp and Windows 7

Changes - Version - 23 Juni 2012 

  • Fixed the function argument tip not selecting the function with the right number of arguments first.
  • Fixed that tip showing in various wrong places.
  • Added x86 GDB executables to TDM-GCC x64.
  • Tooltip balloons are now only triggered by words with identifier colors, saving lots of CPU time.
  • Adding watch variables by hovering over words now only adds words with identifier colors.
  • Pressing Alt now does not cause static controls to vanish anymore.
  • This version should scale pictures better on high DPI settings.
  • Moved to a new selection of built in compiler options.
  • Added filename tooltips when hovering above tabs.
  • Closing using the middle mouse button is now only triggered when the mouse is hovering above a tab.
  • Moved to a new selection of built in compiler options.
  • Updated the chinese (TC) translations (by cin.getline).
  • Fixed editor options not applying function tip timer settings properly, causing crashes when typing.
  • Updated the greek translations (by migf1).
  • Various dialogs and buttons are now more spacious, allowing longer translations.
  • Double clicking on errors now always correctly shows the caret.

Important notices 

  • For ultimate portable programming, please launch devcppPortable.exe located in the installation folder of the portable version.
  • This version has GCC built-in instead of being an aditional package. It also contains, among others, D3D9/10/11, GDI, Win32 and OpenGL headers and libraries in that flavor.
  • This launcher will tell Dev-C++ to save its configuration files in the same folder as the executable.
  • If you're getting 'Unsupported compression method' errors when extracting the portable version, please update your archiving program. The archive uses LMZA2 compression, which was added to WinRAR 3.91 and 7zip  9.04 somwhere in 2009. The latter is just as free as Dev-C++, so nothing is holding you back to extract it.

All editions can run on 32-bit Windows. 

All Dev-C++ editions can be updated using the IDE only setups/zips. 

RC update 
The 5.3 RC2 update can be found here . Its source code can be found here . 

Changes - Version RC2 

  • Completely rewritten the debugger.
  • Improved some internal (compiler) data structures, reducing memory usage.
  • Improved startup speed, splashscreen is hidden (not loaded) when startup times are low enough.
  • Fixed a lot of memory leaks.
  • Indent guides are now painted faster, reducing flicker.
  • Code completion is now more clear and pops up faster.
  • Color selectors in Editor Options now properly set their own defaults, not those of other controls.
  • Automatic symbol completion and indentation is much faster now.
  • Added OpenMP libraries and tools to TDM-GCC x64.
  • Code folding is updated much faster now.
  • The code parser now understands multiple definitions after the } symbol of structs.
  • Much more performance enhancements in the typing/editing department.
  • TODO: test MinGW 4.7.
  • TODO: refine the debugger.
  • TODO: still needs much more unit testing.

Choosing between 32bit and 64bit 

  • The 64bit compiler will also run op 32bit computers. Not problem at all.
  • The 64bit compiler can do everything the 32bit compiler can, including creating standard 32bit executables.
  • The 64bit compiler can do stuff the 32bit compiler can't, like creating 64bit executables. It also comes with a lot more headers and libraries.
  • There is no single reason to download the 32bit version except for maybe file size, marginally longer compiling time, or in case you have to use that specific compiler for any reason (regression problems for example).
Compiling for 32bit using TDM-GCC x64 
  • To force 32bit on all new projects and non-project compiles, go to Tools >> Compiler Options and select the 'TDM-GCC 32bit' profile. This profile will pass -m32 and use lib32 by default.
  • To force 32bit on already created projects, go to Project >> Project Options >> Compiler and select the 'TDM-GCC 32bit' compiler profile.


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