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November 2012

From here you can free download Font Creator Home Edition 5.6.Activated version of Font Creator Home Edition 5.6 contain activation plus setup file.This professional font editor enable you to create and edit TrueType and OpenType fonts. It has the influential drawing tools that typographers and graphic designers compel , and an intuitive interface that permit beginners to become generative immediately. When you create or open a font, FontCreator displays an synopsis of all available characters. You can clearly add missing characters, or select an living character, and modify its impression. You can import (scanned) images of your signature or company logo, or make a font from your own handwriting. Other features include the aptitude to preview fonts before installing, and a font installation wizard that makes your fonts valid to other applications.
key feautures:
  • Create and edit TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • Redesign existing disposition
  • Add missing characters
  • Convert images (e.g. a signature, logo or handwriting) to character outlines
  • Edit and regenerate Font Names
  • Fix character mappings
  • Correct fonts that display incorrectly
  • Generate, modify, import, export, and clean up kerning pairs
  • Add or correct over two thousand composite glyphs
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GetRight v6.3 Pro Review

GetRight is a free download manager for resuming of broken downloads, easy error recovery, download acceleration, and many other features to give you faster and more flexible downloads.GetRight can Accelerate a file and download different pieces of it from different servers at the same time--which can increase your download speed by up to 10 times.
GetRight can schedule your downloads for later; it can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when done.New Version supports BitTorrent downloads, adds Podcast support to automate downloading files in a Podcast/RSS feed, adds support for anti-leech.com protected downloads, and much more.
GetRight will integrate with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, and Netscape Navigator to automatically take over your downloads to make using GetRight as easy as clicking in your web browser.

GetRight v6.3 Pro Download Mirror

GetRight v6.3 Pro Download Mirror 2

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Network Magic Pro 5.1 Review

Network Magic Pro 5.1 is a solution for all your network problems.It helps you to secure,manage and setup all your networks like an It professional.

Network Magic Pro 5.1 Features

* Enhanced interface in-product wizards streamline networking tasks; including a new full-screen Network Map with floating device-specific alerts
* Print device details Now you can right click on any device on the network map and print device details
* Security enhancements, including encryption support (WPA/WPA2) and improved Health and Security Alerts, help you protect your network
* Restrict Internet access at specific times for other users on your network
* Take remote Desktop Screenshots to see what your kids are doing online
* Utilize improved Network History and Reports so you can better track your activity and performance

Network Magic Pro 5.1 Free Download

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Neuview media player Review

Neuview media player is software with several new technologies and unique features.

Neuview media player Features

*Pixelfusion - This is our unique image resampling algorithm, which is based around resolution enhancement to actually improve the perceived quality of video. This idea has been overlooked by media player developers in the past, but due to the consistent increase in computer processing power, it has become a reality at last..

*Advanced playback kernel - We have overcome the normal playback limitations that are set by DirectShow, by developing a kernel which abstracts the decoding part of DirectShow, allowing previously impossible effects such as reverse playback, and true seamless playback of multiple files, to be performed with ease..

*Codec crash recovery - Poorly implemented codecs can cause an access violation to occur when playing a corrupted or badly formed media file. We provide a mechanism for quickly recovering playback where the error occurred..

Neuview media player Free Download

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Photomatix Pro Review

Photomatix is a solution for all your image related problems.It can even remove blown out highlights and flat shadows of your images.
Photomatix can merge differently exposed photographs into one image with increased dynamic range with its Exposure Blending property and Tone Mapping is a utility for Revealing highlight and shadow details in an HDR image created from multiple exposures.The tone mapped image is ready for printing while showing the complete dynamic range captured.

Photomatix Pro Free Download

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Spyware Doctor 6 Review

Spyware Doctor is a spyware protection software for your PC.Spyware Doctor can protect PC through real-time threat blocking, advanced system scanning and immunization against known browser infections.It is an award winning spyware remover that detects, removes and protects your PC from thousands of potential spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking thrats.

As spyware is commonly coming along with software downloads,e-mails, or transmitted through networks,appear to be legitimate software,most of the anti-virus software and firewalls ignore it.Spyware Doctor was awarded the prestigious Best of the Year at the end of 2005.

Spyware Doctor Tools

- Spyware & Adware Scanner Keylogger
- Guard Popup
- Blocker Phishing
- Protector Real Time
- Protection Browser
- Guard Spyware Cookie
- Guard Malware
- Immunizer

Spyware Doctor Features 

*protection from unknown threats

*High Spyware detection capabilities

*Swift clean-up for heavily infected computers

*Enhanced error reporting to assist with diagnosis of program crashes (hackers!).

Spyware Doctor 6 Requirements

Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista ( 32 and 64 bits )

Spyware Doctor with Antivirus 6 + License Free Download 

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Magic DVD Ripper Review

Magic DVD Ripper is a software for ripping DVD files by converting to VCD, SVCD, AVI (DivX), WMV, iPod and PSP formats or backup DVD to hard drive without any loss of quality.One of the main feature of Magic DVD Ripper is that it can copy protected DVD to hard drive with 4 optional mode.

Magic DVD Ripper is one of the fastest ripping software which provides wonderful output quality.Magic DVD Ripper has both convert function.

Magic DVD Ripper Features

- Convert DVD to DivX or other AVI formats

- Convert DVD to WMV

- Convert DVD to mp4 (iPod and PSP formats)

- Convert DVD to VCD or SVCD

- Copy DVD movie to hard drive without any loss of quality

- Remove all the restrictions of DVD (CSS, Region, RCE, Sony ARccOS, PuppetLock)

- Copy main movie only or split DVD-9 into 2 DVD-5

- Compress DVD to fit on a 4.7 GB disc

- Very easy to use, just by one click

- High ripping speed and wonderful output quality

Magic DVD Ripper Free Download

no password

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Google SketchUp Pro 7 Review

Google SketchUp Pro 7 is a powerful suite for streamlining your professional 3D workflow.

SketchUp Pro 7 can Create, modify and share 3D models and generate tabular reports based on the entities in your models.

It can create flexible 2D presentations, quickly so that we can link our models to multi-page 2D presentation documents, add images, text and graphics, and share your designs as high-resolution prints, digital exports and onscreen slide shows.

Google SketchUp Pro 7 Free Download

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The new version also packed with improvements, new features and fine tuning that make all Burning Studio’s functions more powerful and even easier to use.Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 is a major update that improves almost every aspect of the program, adding many new features and capabilities in every part of the program.Anyone who has ever struggled with complicated disc burning software is always amazed when they try Ashampoo Burning Studio. This is how software should be: Instead of studying complicated manuals you just choose what you want to do and then follow the instructions displayed on the screen. For example, to make a DVD you select Create a Video DVD and the program guides you through the steps of adding clips, building menus and burning the disc It also introduces a new Movie Editor for editing and combining your videos before burning them to DVD. The Movie Editor has functions for cutting, transitions, fades, subtitles, titles and more, plus a point-and-click DVD menu editor with animated themes for creating great-looking interfaces for your DVD movies.Burning Studio is a complete and powerful disc burning suite that also satisfies advanced users with all the tweaking features you expect from less accessible programs.

New features in Burning Studio 9

* New Movie Editor and Movie Player

* Play all videos, slideshows and movies in the new Movie Player
* New project type: Video Edit DVD with Movie Editor
* Create MP3 or WMA CDs from lists of tracks with multiple formats
* Preview images are now automatically exported to Cover Editor
* New options dialogs for video, audio, decoder, encoder and drive settings
* Selectable program skins for user interface
* Many user settings are saved and reloaded automatically
* Many new burners added to the database
* DVD projects are now saved with all slideshows and movies
* Automatic check for conflicts with other programs with user warning

Movie Editor highlights

The biggest new feature of Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 is the Movie Editor, which adds powerful video editing and DVD interface building capabilities to the program. This is not just a little clip trimmer – you won’t need any other video editing software. Movie Editor has all the features you need to turn your clip collection and home videos into impressive finished movies.

You also get a brand new Movie Player with a significantly improved video rendering engine and a modern graphical interface.

New features in Burning Studio 9

* Edit videos with timeline and preview

* Super-easy drag-and-drop editing for videos, subtitles etc.
* Graphical timeline for clips, transitions, titles, subtitles and images
* Burn finished movies to DVD with animated menus
* Ready-to-use themes for DVD menus
* Cut clips into separate blocks, trim and extract sections
* Assemble multiple clips in a few easy steps
* Add titles, subtitles, shaped text etc.
* Add images, logos and graphical shapes with fill, borders etc.
* Cross-fades and graphical transitions between clips
* Fade-in and fade-out for all objects (images, texts etc.)
* Live preview your movies in the editor with transitions
* Add background music to movies
* Rotate images directly in the Movie Editor
* Set start and end times for clips (play only part of clip)
* Automatic search for scene boundaries

Movie Player highlights

* Modern graphical interface, very intuitive with popup control tips

* Volume control, display current play position and total time
* Clip display with jump to position controls
* Full screen mode with quick switch control

Slideshow Editor

The Slideshow Editor makes it a snap to turn your photos into impressive DVD slideshows with animated graphical menus. You can also include video clips in your slideshows. Just select your photos, videos and background music tracks and burn. Here too, you can produce shows instantly by choosing ready-to-use themes or get creative and design your own. Burning Studio comes with a set of attractive themes and you can download more from the Ashampoo website.

New Slideshow Editor features

* Timeline editing with drag & drop and preview

* Cross-fades and graphical transitions between images
* Thumbnail preview for fades and transitions
* Add background music for the entire show with multiple tracks
* Add titles, subtitles, shaped text
* Add images, logos and graphical shapes with fill, borders etc.
* Fade-in and fade-out for all objects (images, texts etc.)
* Rotate images directly in the editor
* Ready-to-use themes

Cover Editor

The Cover Editor has everything you need for labeling your discs and producing cool covers for jewel cases, slim cases, DVD cases and Blu-ray cases. You can design your own or just enter a title and select one of the pre-designed themes for instant point-and-click results – it also imports track data from your discs automatically. The Cover Editor prints both on a wide range of predefined label formats and directly onto discs on printers that support this function.

New Cover Editor and features

* Save your own designs as themes and reuse or share them

* Export projects as XML files
* Scan covers directly from original CD covers
* Group elements in the editor to move them together
* Free rotation for objects and groups of objects, or snap rotate in 15°, 45° or 90° increments
* Print up to 4 CDs on a single page
* Editor improvements, faster operation
* Printer calibration utility for maximum precision printing, calibration settings are saved for every printer used – you only need to calibrate once
* Updated label and printer database with many new formats and printers
* Undo function in the Table Editor
* Draw and insert geometrical shapes with borders, fill and transparency
* Load covers and graphics from files, the Web or the Windows Clipboard
* Attractive new themes with new graphics and layouts
* Copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs
Just insert a disc, select Copy and go to make a perfect copy.
* Create and burn disc images
* Movie editor with DVD authoring
Edit and assemble your movies, add transitions, titles, texts, images and background music and then burn them to DVDs.
* Create high-quality DVD slideshows
Turn your photos into impressive DVD slideshows with titles, transitions and background music.
Quick and easy erase functions for reusing rewriteable discs.
* Expert burn functions for full control
Burning experts can create modified copies of existing discs (read in data structure and make changes and additions) and burn discs of all kinds with full control of all main configuration options.
* Create covers and labels
* Burn and update data discs
Burn data to CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs and update previously burned discs by adding and removing files and folders.
* Back up your data to single or multiple discs
Back up your valuable data to one or more CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs. Single backups can span multiple discs. Restore your backups in a single easy operation.
*The full-featured cover and label designer prints to labels or directly to printable discs. It comes with a selection of point-and-click themes for instant results and easy-to-use creative tools for designing your own layouts.
You can both create and burn ISO, CUE/BIN and Ashampoo’s own special ASHDISC image formats.
* Erase rewriteable discs
* Rip and burn music
Rip music from CDs and burn music to audio CDs and MP3 or WMA discs on CD, DVD and Blu-ray in a variety of formats.
* Burn movies and photos to DVDs and data discs
You can create slideshow DVDs with photos and video clips and you can author and burn video DVDs, Video CDs (VCD), Super Video CDs (SVCD) and data video discs. Video files are automatically converted to the necessary formats.

You can free download latest Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010 v9.20 from here.FREE DOWNLOAD help you to download the latest Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010 v9.20.So download the Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010 v9.20 with following links.These all links also helps you to download the latest Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010 v9.20.


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GOM Media Player's carry for a large spectrum of file formats.GOM Media Player's supported formats include DAT, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF, AVI, and MOV, as are common codecs like FLV1, AC3, OGG, MP4, and H263. A pop-out playlist can save and organize your various media files, though the limited sort modes--two--hardly makes it a champ.

More impressive are the customizable settings on the control panel. Here you can adjust a video's image brightness, hue, and saturation. There's no preview window, and changes occur as the video runs, so unless you care for a rousing session of trial and error, be sure to tweak the settings after clicking "play."

Partially downloaded files and locked files can also be played using this player.There's also a built-in screen-capture feature that includes zooming and panning, customizable themes, hot keys, and a host of preset and adjustable audio controls.Another feature that it incorporates is the drag-and-drop support. Its enhanced filter rendering makes it stand out amongst all other players.

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Converting MKV to MPEG, MP4, AVI etc for allmost all transportable players is the main feature of 4Videosoft MKV Video Converter.In fact this MKV Video Converter can transform MKV, WMV, MP4, AVI, MPG to MP4,3GP, FLV, MOV, VOB AVI and HD videos etc and extract audio files from MKV video to AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, AU, FLAC, MP3, M4A, MP2, OGG, WAV, WMA.

With a wide range of editing function, 4Videosoft MKV Video Converter can be the best assistant for you: split the long-time file into several clips, crop the size of play region, join several files into one file, add image or text watermark and capture your favorite pictures. More specific parameters-setting can make your converted video more colorful.Convert MKV video to any other video and audio formats,Support all the portable players

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You can download DFX Audio Enhancer for media player,DFX Audio Enhancer for winamp,DFX Audio Enhancer for realplayer,DFX Audio Enhancer for vlc player,DFX Audio Enhancer for km player,DFX Audio Enhancer v9.210 Plus is a plug-in that allows the audio sound of your video is more sharp and active, alive and have a more effect. DFX or lets you apply not the same audio effects in order to improve your feel as a listener.

audio enhancement effects DSP,Speakers and Headphones Optimization, Finely tuned, Customizable Music Presets, Spectrum analyzer dynamic sound, Powerful audio processing modes,shapely Skins,Space Saving Mini-mode Interface Presets,Backup and Restore,Preset Song Associations,5.1/7.1 Surround Sound Support,64-bit Windows Support,3D Surround Sound - Immerse yourself inside the music,Ambient Stereo - renew lost stereo depth High Fidelity Restoration,Dynamic Gain Boosting - pump up the volume,Headphones Optimization - hear more pleasant, natural sounds withheadphones,Customizable Music Presets - Select finely-tuned settings for many styles of music, Rise HyperBass - produce deep, rich bass sounds,High Fidelity Restoration - eliminate that "muffled" sound,Spectrum Analyzer - "See" DFX enhance your sound,Music and Speech Modes - Get optimized sound for any audio, Skins - Choose from hundreds of skins.

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you can free download latest OnlineTV Plus v3.0.3.0 from here.FREE DOWNLOAD help you to download the latest OnlineTV Plus v3.0.3.0 .So download the OnlineTV Plus v3.0.3.0 with following links.These all links also helps you to download the latest OnlineTV Plus v3.0.3.0 .

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formulate and shape the round you with the powerful, pliable features found in 2010 AutoCAD conceive and documentation software, one of the world's leading 2D and 3D CAD tools. Speed documentation, share ideas inconspicuously , and investigate ideas more instinctively in 3D. With thousands of available add-ons, AutoCAD 2010 software provides the ultimate in flexibility, personalized for your specific needs. It's time to take design further. It's time for AutoCAD.Link

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iMacsoft DVD to MP4 Converter is a professional DVD Converter to MP4 and DVD to MP4 Converter especially designed for Windows users to convert DVD to MP4 format, such as MP4, AVI, M4A, MPEG4, DivX, XviD to play on iPad, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod nano 5G, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, PSP, Creative Zen, Zune, Zune 2, iRiver PMP, Archos AV500, Archos AV700, Archos GMini402, iRiver PMP-100, PS3, Xbox, etc.

With this professional DVD to MP4 converter, you can also extract audio from DVD movie and convert DVD to MP3, AAC or M4A formats with excellent quality.

iMacsoft DVD to MP4 Converter v2.2.5.0621 Download Links
Dowmload here
Download here

Info Soft
Title: Spyware Cease
Category: Software
Developer: Home
Year: 2010
File Size: 27.8 MB

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Key Features and Benefits
• Comprehensively Scan Engine
• Real-time Safeguard
• Effectively Remove Rootkit
• Diagnose System (New!)
• Check Registry BHO
• Ignore Uncertain Items
• Protect Registry, IE (New!)
• Identity Passwords Thieves
• Check Browsers, System Files
• Detect Deceptive Malware
• Block Pop-ups, Erase Tracks
• 1-Click Operation
• On-Demand Scheduling
• Enhance PC Performance
• Conserve PC Resource
• Free Technical Support
• Frequently Update Database
• Submit Problems via E-mail
• 100% Money Back Guarantee
• Keep Networking Sites Safe
• Remove Malwares That Eat Up System Resources
• Improve Internet Browsing Safety

Enabling | reg code: there
Interface Language: English
File Format: Rar
Platform / OS: Windows

Alcohol 120%, is a powerful Windows CD and DVD burning software that makes it easy to create backups of DVDs* and CDs. In addition, the program lets you store your most used CDs as images on your computer, so you can call them up at the click of a button. Now includes Pre-Mastering function and support for Blu-ray format.
Home users make backup copies of their game CDs and movie DVDs*, allowing the kids to treat multimedia disks roughly, without destroying their value.
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AVS Audio Converter Review

AVS Audio Converter is a software that can convert between most popular audio files like WAV, OGG Vorbis, MP3, MP2, Microsoft ADPCM, WMA, VOX, AAC, M4A, AMR and other well-known media formats . It can convert your audio files to various formats with out loosing its clarity. You can also choose the quality of the output file, but the one's with high quality will be of bigger size.

AVS Audio Converter supports various formats include MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, M4R, AAC, AMR, OGG, MP2, FLAC, AIFF, AU, AVI, IVF, DIV, DIVX, MTV, AMV, MPG, MPEG, MOD, MPE, MVV, M2V, WMV, ASF, DVR-MS, DAT, IFO, VOB, VRO, M2TS, M2T, MTS, TOD, TS, TP, DV, MKV, OGM, OGV, OGA, OGX, RM, RMVB, RAM, IVR, MOV, QT, M4V, MP4, 3GP2, 3GPP, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, SWF etc.

Audio Converter Free Download

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UltraISO.Premium v9.3.6 Review

UltraISO is a software for extracting, creating, editing,converting and managing CD/DVD image files.UltraISO can deal with ISO files efficently than any other software and can edit ISO files directly.UltraISO is a popular image converting tool which can convert almost all CD and DVD image formats to ISO, BIN/CUE,NRG,MDS/MDF, and CCD/IMG/SUB formats. UltraISO can process at the present time almost all types of image files, including ISO and BIN, it may even support new image files which are yet to be created.

UltraISO can open these image files, directly extract files and folders, edit it and convert other image files to the standard ISO format. It has 8 virtual CD/DVD drives for emulating ISO images and burn them with the its burning engine.

UltraISO Free Download

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Magic ISO 5.5 Review

Magic ISO Maker is a software for creating, editing, and extracting CD/DVD image files.It can even convert bin to ISO and back.It can easily found image files from CD-ROM or hard disk through its highly capable search utility,Ultra ISO can handle up to 10G large sizes so that user can extract, edit, and open DVD image file.

Using MagicISO we can make bootable CD and DVD image files,loading of boot-image files exported by WinISO the creation of multi-bootable CD and DVD image files by a bootable setup wizard. Magic ISO can compress and encrypt ISO image and can mounts CD/DVD image files.

Magic ISO Free Download

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Power ISO v4.7 Review

PowerISO is a software that helps you to convert, encrypt and mount DVD image files.PowerISO is a powerful CD image file processing and file compression tool,which allows you to create, extract,compress, edit and convert ISO image files, and mount these files with internal virtual drive.And most of all, the compressed files can be used directly without decompressing.

Power ISO 4.7 Free Download

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Sony Ericsson Theme Creator Review

The Sony Ericsson Themes tool for creating themes. It includes a new feature called the Theme Generator which enables designers to make color changes based on predefined colors using the color wheel and color slider.

Sony Ericsson Theme Creator

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Here you can download the latest version of Babylon pro.Babylon pro is the one of the top most software suit that help to find all meaning of the word.Babylon pro offers its users a wide range of titles from the world's premier publishing houses including Oxford University Press, Britannica, Merriam-Webster, Larousse, Vox, Langenscheidt, Pons, and Taishukan. New version Babylon six offers text translation in 17 languages in addition to single word and phrase translations - all in a single click, results from Wikipedia encyclopedia in nine languagesautomatic spelling feature, and accurate results in a single-click from a wide range of authoritative sources.

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TeraCopy Pro Review

TeraCopy is a software utility designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed. It can pause and resume file transfers. Teracopy ensures minimum copying error with its error recovery system.

Teracopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files. It can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.
It supports both 32 and 64bit xp and vista.

TeraCopy Free Download

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Real Player Review

Real Player plays all major media formats including RealVideo, RealAudio, Windows Media and Quicktime. This makes it easier for end users to decide on the media they want to access, not the format or software. You can download multiple videos simultaneously with RealPlayer supports almost all video formats. Real Player enables you to easily burn videos to CD or to DVD, using RealPlayer Plus.

RealPlayer Features

* Consumers can send links of their favorite videos to their friends with a convenient "Share with a Friend" feature. The link that arrives in their friends' email will direct them to the online source of the video content their friend downloaded.
* RealPlayer supports both downloading and recording for popular streaming format (Windows Media, Real, and QuickTime)
* RealPlayer will only download/record video that is not protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems.
* RealPlayer features an improved look and feel, a streamlined installation process and faster video playback.
* RealPlayer will first be released for Windows, and will work with both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Real plans a version for the Mac to be released later in the year.

Real Player Gold 12 Free Download

Pass: plus

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Corel Paint Shop Pro Review

Corel Paint Shop is a powerful photo editor and organizer which is always necessary for professional Photographers and Designers for digital image-editing. Corel Paint Shop is an easy to use application in which digital images,tool selectors, palettes, and layer windows can be dragged and dropped anywhere in your window.

Main features of Corel Paint Shop are Smart Photo Fix with one click photo adjustment and one Step Noise Removal.It has a tabbed interface for photo switching and a library organizer for organizing your photo library.It can be learned quickly with its Learning Center.All in all it is the best digital image editing and organizing software.
The latest Corel Paint Shop X2 has a new graphite workspace theme,which gives it an astonishing look.

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X3 13 Download Below

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X3 Part 1 DownloadCorel Paint Shop Pro Photo X3 Part 2 Download

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X3 Part 3 Download

Corel Paint Shop Pro Keygen

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 12.50 Download Below

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Ultimate X2 Free Download

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