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CreditMaster v2.0

CreditMaster v2.0

 (2272 lines of source code, compiled to 23117 executable)
   (1373 Bank Index Numbers (BIN), or prefixes, in database (90618 bytes data))
   - A public domain release, with no serialization.
   - Allowed generation of up to 999 cards, as opposed to a maximum of only 99
     allowed in v1.0.
   - Allowed extrapolation of up to 999 cards, as opposed to a maximum of only
     99 allowed in v1.0.
   - Allowed use of prefix lengths from 1 to 6, as opposed to the standard of 4
     in v1.0.
   - Fixed small extrapolate display bug (extra line printed when card length
     was 16).
   - Internet address displayed in exit screen.
   - Allowed output of PGP public encryption key to file of user's choice, for
     use in encrypting sensitive materials when mailing to Internet address.
   - Option added to Setup menu in which the user can change the character
     separating the groups of a credit card. Later, a filter would be put on
     the characters allowed to be used.
   - Added 'F'ind and 'N'ext functions, which allowed the user to search for a
     specific keyword (non case-sensistive) from the prefix list while
     generating cards. 'F'ind asks for a keyword, 'N'ext continues the search.
   - "/MONO" parameter added, so that users with only a Black & White or
     Monochrome monitor can still use the program without losing characters
     or having those annoying underlines popping up.
   - "/SNOW" parameter added, which enables snow checking for old CGA monitors.
     Snow checking will only make direct screen writes during horizontal
     retrace intervals on CGA machines. Default is no snow checking, which will
     significantly speed up writes made directly to video memory on newer CGA
   - "/F" parameter changed to "/FLASH"
   - Fixed bug in which pauses didn't flush the keyboard buffer.
   - Ctrl-Break keyboard interrupt intercepted and ignored.
   - Direct video writes used for faster screen displaying.
   - Various small changes, most made for their asthetic value.
   - Code largely optimized for increased speed and performance.
   - Program placed in a non-standard undecryptable format, so as to make
     reverse-engineering more difficult.

CreditMaster v1.0 - Released April 18, 1993
   (1657 lines of source code, compiled to 20240 executable)
   - Initial version completed. All who asked for a copy (and gave us a data or
     voice number to contact them at) recieved their own personalized version
     with their handle and serial number hard-coded within the program.
   - Less than 30 copies of v1.0 in existance. If you've got one, it's a
     collector's item!
   - "/F" paramater added as a last-minute change. It gave the pause strings a
     bouncing color effect.

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