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Nik Software Complete Collection Full Version Free Download

Software Complete Collection

Nik Software Complete Collection | 99.27 MB

Nik Software Complete Collection – the most complete collection of plugins from one of the best manufacturers of plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop.

Complete Collection includes the full set of plugins for Adobe Photoshop , Lightroom and Aperture including: Dfine, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro and Sharpener Pro. With these plugins you can adjust the sharpness of digital image, perform color correction, retouching, styling, get rid of any type of noise in the picture, brightness, adjust the contrast and color saturation of individual objects or areas of the photograph.
Set of plugins Nik Software for Adobe software for Windows:
Nik Software Sharpener Pro 3.010 Rev 20903 + Rus NEW
Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4.005 REV 20894 + Rus NEW
Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2.006 Rev 20894 + Rus NEW
Nik Software Viveza 2.009 Rev 20903 + Rus NEW
Nik Software Dfine 2.112 Rev 20903 + Rus NEW
Nik Software HDR Efex Pro 2.003 Rev 20894 + Rus NEW
Nik Color Efex Pro CE for Nikon Capture NX2 v3.004
Nik Software Sharpener Pro
professional plug Adobe Photoshop, designed to adjust the sharpness of digital photos. Allows you to work with 16-bit images without the need to translate them into 8-bit. The preview area allows you to while working to see how the picture quality depending on the applied effects. The plugin works with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, as well as with any graphics editor that supports work with filters and plugin Adobe Photoshop. A rich set of new features introduced in the updated product, allows a huge range of tasks – from presharpening files RAW, obtained from cameras, before the final sharpening allowing for the display technologies.
The main innovation of the package Sharpener Pro 3.0 has a proprietary technology U Point, which allows flexibility to adjust the sharpness of the individual parts of the image without the use of complex masks and selections. Technology control points, based on the components of UPoint, helping to fine tune the level of sharpness in the image areas that need to be particularly emphasized. Updated mechanism for the final adjustment of sharpness can prepare images found on almost any device and media – on-screen monitors, inkjet printers, full color printing, screen printing, etc.
The latest version for the first time for the solutions of the class implemented in software verification of image sharpness on the screen to print the test samples. In addition, version 3.0 adds integration with smart objects package Photoshop and support the transfer of processing parameters from one image to another package for Aperture. The ability to save and reuse templates of frequently used settings, updated interface, support for Smart Filter in Photoshop CS3, working with multiple images simultaneously.
Nik Software Color Efex Pro
excellent plugin for Adobe Photoshop. This is a powerful set of filters for processing images, recommended anyone with a digital camera. The structure includes 75 plugin filters, and 250 effects designed to enhance photos with color correction, retouching and many other operations. The set is designed for both professional designers and amateurs alike.
The plugin has a rich set of filters used to overlay multiple photographic effects and guided the pen provides a natural and intuitive way to edit digital photos, and the new module Selective allows photographers and graphic designers to apply filter effects to dynamically determine the stroke width and intensity.
Applying effects is simplified by the ability to preview images of large areas. Implemented improved control to control bright and shaded areas of the picture, the possibility of imposing restrictions filter. In addition, Nik Color Efex Pro can significantly improve the processing performance of series of images, as any of the filters with the same parameters can be directly applied to a group of images.
It all works very fine and helps create true scenic effects, especially if you like to shoot still life, landscapes and portraits. The very extent of the application of each filter varies very flexible, you can adjust not only the force of the impact, but the brightness, grain or tone. Gradational filters, you can stretch the image and turn as you like, makes it possible to find the best option for the scenery, not fussed on the street in front of the camera and selecting the filters in a calm atmosphere, sitting at the computer.
In the new version of the plugin many new filters including Film Grain, Film Effect, Glamour Glow, Selective Contrast, High Key, Low Key, Polaroid Transfer, Cross Balance. Also, a new interface is designed as plug DigitalFilmTools expandable window size and viewing the images “before” and “after.” Also worth noting is the new Selective Tool, which allows you to apply effects only to the selected image area.
Nik Software Silver Efex Pro
plugin created to help photographers and allows styling of contemporary digital images under stylish (20 styles), black and white pictures. I do not know who needs it, but if needed, it is better to use Silver Efex with its proprietary technology U Point, which allows processing images in the manual and automatic modes.
Silver Efex Pro – plugin for Adobe Photoshop allowing photo artists to perform styling of contemporary digital images under stylish black and white pictures. After converting a color image to black and white in the automatic mode, Silver Efex Pro plug-in allows you to perform more fine-tuning: offers you to choose from 20 predefined styles, use the color filters and other tools. The user will also be a special mechanism for the regulation of graininess. The plugin uses several image processing algorithms that will prevent unwanted artifacts.
In the arsenal of Silver Efex Pro for users who do not want to delve into the essence of the transformation of the image – a large number of presets that will get a decent result.
U Point technology allows you to work with individual areas on screen: Protect the face, eyes, background, etc. simultaneously, but with different settings by setting a breakpoint in any area, in any quantity, with any radius of action (within the desktop). In the plug there are a large number of presets and different types of film grain, and a well implemented to work with Vignette.
Nik Software Viveza
excellent plug-in that extends the functionality of a set of tools for editing digital images in Adobe Photoshop. With this application users can adjust the brightness, contrast and color saturation of individual objects or areas of the photograph. The program will allocate the necessary objects and creates masks in the automatic mode, allowing professionals to work more productively.
Incorporating revolutionary patented U Point, Viveza provides easy-to-use methods of correction and image enhancement without the need for difficult choices, or layer mask, or knowledge at expert level Adobe Photoshop. U Point technology is the foundation, which gives strength and Viveza provides Photoshop users with unprecedented efficiency and management of digital image editing. For korretirovki image, simply place a color control points on colors or objects (such as sky, skin, grass, etc.), then adjust the sliders for brightness, contrast, color, and more. After that Viveza automatically selects objects and creates masks based on user location Points of color management. Working directly on the image, powerful selective improvements can be made in the amount of time needed for other methods.
Nik Software Dfine
plugin will allow you to get rid of noise and color collection of digital photos. Initially, almost all digital cameras have a disadvantage and create unwanted noise. The amount and types of noise in the image, as a rule, depend on the quality and type of camera’s image sensor.
Each camera has its own photo editing features, so the noise in images taken by different cameras, will be different. That is why the system has Dfine plug profiles for each type of camera. These profiles help to more accurately process images obtained by means of a camera, so they take into account the characteristics of each model. Even if you do not use the camera profiles, Dfine copes with the removal of noise in the images.
The new version (2.x) plug differs completely changed interface, as well as the presence of patented U Point, which allows operation with the image selectively. We photographers have the ability to specify the fragments where the filter will be most noticeable, and users can control separately decrease the color and luminance noise.
You can also reduce the noise, based on a range of colors, and using a brush, mark the area of the image you want to improve. Dfine supports graphics tablets.
The secret of the filter is that it helps identify the source of artifacts and on the basis of this information offers solutions to problems.
Nik Software HDR Efex Pro
tool for creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. Created to help professional and amateur photographers to quickly and easily improve the full range HDR.Novy HDR Efex Pro overcomes the limitations that exist in other similar programs with a revolutionary approach “all in one”, which allows you to create realistic and creative effects in a single instrument. The program is implemented as a standalone application and as a plug for the graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.
HDR Efex Pro provides an amazingly simple, yet powerful photo editing. One click on the selected preset created an HDR image with the possibility of fine and thin selective exposure adjustment, contrast, structure Fine Contrast image (without the need for difficult choices, or layer mask) using U Point technology, as well as the new best-in-class algorithms of pitch . Color, contrast and vignetting control offers photographers to further enhance the quality of their images to get amazing results. Users working with HDR will see, HDR Efex Pro is a comprehensive solution that raises the genre to a new level and offers new features.
“HDR Efex Pro was tested more than 500 professional and amateur photographers HDR and feedback from this group was both comprehensive and incredibly positive,” said Michael J. Slater, president and CEO of Nik Software. “Our attention to focus more on HDR Efex Pro in order to bring innovative and best technology in the HDR, including our unrivaled tone mapping (tone mapping), our patented U Point technology and powerful tools of control that have been developed specifically to satisfy needs our customers. “
Nik Color Efex Pro CE for Nikon Capture NX2
Large collection of photographic filters for Adobe Photoshop, which are designed to improve your digital photos.
The package includes 52 filters and 250 different effects. They help to perform color correction, retouching and many other operations. The interface package is designed as plug DigitalFilmTools with the possibility of increasing the window size and viewing of images before and after applying the selected filters and effects for Capture NX 2.
The update adds support for 64 bit systems, but unfortunately the manufacturer ceases to develop this product (plugin) in the future.
Below there are a set of c extensive database of 52 filters, and 250 effects Nik Color Efex Pro 3 Complete Edition for Nikon Capture NX2 offers two sets of filters: the traditional and stylistic
As a recognized leader in the development of digital photographic filters, Nik Software company offers two sets of filters Nik Color Efex Pro3, made in the form of plug-ins: Select (19 filters), and Complete (52) Edition. Each of these sets contains a wide range of filters and effects that will make editing and transforming your photos faster and better than it has ever been.
Color Efex Pro eliminates the need to use this photo filters on the go, because it contains in itself such poleznoznosti that would at home on your PC do the following: the effects of “software”, color saturation and change the general tone of the picture, contrast, two color filters and gradational, numerous lights and mitigate the effects of the contours. When transferring images to black and white can be applied to him because the color filters, as is usually done when shooting black and white film to highlight the item you want tonally.
When shooting still life, landscape and portrait paintings, you can create these effects.
Flexibility to vary the degree of each filter: you can adjust not only the force of the impact, but the brightness, grain, and tone. Gradational filters, you can stretch the image and rotate freely, allows us to find the best option for the landscape, sitting at the computer.
Some of the filters in the plugin, such as two tone gradation, you can create and save yourself.
Nik Color Efex Pro are softer and more elegant those included by default in Nikon Capture NX2, and this can be a source of inspiration and a great addition for photo editing to the existing graphical tools.


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