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who is hercules

Hercules is a very good game from Disney’s with 2d graphics. It is very easy game and everyone can easily play Hercules game. It is a highly entertaining game with amazing monster characters and it has a very beautiful environment. It’s very good graphics and including very high quality of color pixels specially the colour of stones and grass. Moreover the costume of Hercules is very fantastic.
hercules hercules
who was hercules
Disney’s Hercules Action Game basically a PlayStation and PC game in 1997 by Disney Interactive Software. It was made after the animated movie released in the same year. The game follows the same storyline from the animated film. Hercules, son of Zeus, is stripped of his godhood and must prove that he is a true hero in order to regain his immortality and join Zeus and the other gods on Mount Olympus. To do that, Hercules must pass several tasks and defeat many villains, and at the end, face Hades, ruler of the dead, who is also responsible for Hercules’ losing of his immortality.
the hercules

How to Play Hercules Game”

  • First of all (only first time) run HERC.REG.
  • Then Run HERCULES.EXE (special icon).
  • (Change the screen resolution and keys from main menu.
  • Main menu is hidden in full screen mode.
  • Press alt+tab to switch control to any other window and then come back to game window.
  • Full screen mode will be off. The game will be in a window and you can access menu from there).
  • Keys” Z, X, C, S, D, Arrow Keys, Esc


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Hercules Action Game is a video game for the PlayStation and PC created in 1997


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