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Windows Repair (All in One) tool

If you are having a problem with your windows desktop and your last resort is to reformat it. You should try this tool first before doing a reformat. The Windows Repair ( All in One ) tool can repair majority problems listed below and this tool is just free.

  •  Reset Registry Permissions

  •  Reset File Permissions

  •  Register System Files
  •  Repair WMI
  •  Repair Windows Firewall
  •  Repair Internet Explorer
  •  Repair MDAC & MS Jet
  •  Repair Hosts File
  •  Remove Policies Set By Infections
  •  Repair Icons
  •  Repair Winsock & DNS Cache
  •  Remove Temp Files
  •  Repair Proxy Settings
  •  Unhide Non System Files
  •  Repair Windows Updates
  •  Repair CD/DVD Missing/Not Working
  •  and more....

Recently my windows takes a long time to shut down or restart and it even hangs sometimes. I came across with this tool and my problem was solved. This tool is really helpful but be careful, tools like this can sometimes repair or add more problems if you are not careful on what you are clicking. It is automated with a friendly feature which guides you and gives hints and warnings along the way.

I'll give some screenshots and some tips to make it easy for you and to avoid any more damage to your existing problem.

  • Open Repair Windows.exe

  • Perform a quick scan on your antivirus as said in the step 1 of the tool.
  • Click the Do it in Step 2 and let the computer restart after.

  • After the restart, click Do It in Step 3. Usually some minor problems can already be fixed after step 3 so check your PC first if the problem is gone. If not, continue.

  • Create a restore point and registry back up at step 4. This takes a while so be patient.

  • Click the Start.

  • Be sure to unselect all first and choose only the parts which relates to your problem. You have a system restore point and registry back up in case your problem wasn't solved.

Hope this quick tutorial helps. Tools like this are really helpful but you got to use them with some care because things may go from bad to worst if not being careful. Usually this tool can be really helpful for Windows user who is planning to reformat their PC due to problem. Clicking select all will somehow restore your windows back to it's original settings.

Click here to visit Windows Repair (All in One) Official page.

Click the download image to download the portable version of this program or you can Click Here to have more download options.


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